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Fraud Alert
リリース日: 2020-06-11 源: Intco Medical

The COVID-19 brings about the tremendous rise of demand in disposable gloves worldwide since the Chinese spring festival of 2020.

Intco Medical, the domestic leading company in disposable gloves industry with high reputation, manufactures high-quality gloves favored by domestic and overseas customers.

Recently, the phenomenon has been noticed that some unscrupulous merchants attempt to obtain the illegal profit by claiming that they are our dealers, brokers, or relatives, schoolmates, friends of our company executives to induce customs to believe that all kinds of disposable gloves produced by Intco Medical are available, taking advantage of the urgent glove needs of customers. The official seal, letter of authorization, sales contract of Intco Medical also are counterfeited to make their identity more credible.

These deceit and fraud mentioned above have seriously compromised the interests of customers and company reputation, leading to the disruption of the market.

To safeguard the legit right of company and customers, the specific claims follows:

1.      Intco Medical products are directly sold by the company and subsidiaries without dealers or distributors involved in. If you are in the demand of infection prevention products, please contact the sales team. (official email:

2.      Any commercial activity carried out by the people who claimed to be relatives, schoolmates, or comrades of Intco directors, supervisors, and executives is personal infringement, not under any authorization or supervision of Intco Medical.

3.      The payments of all purchase orders are collected through the corporate account. Any requirement of remittance to personal account is not the commercial activity belonging to the company.

4.      Any counterfeit of Intco Medical official seal, letter of authorization, sales contract, registered trademark, or logo infringes on legitimate rights and interests of Intco Medical, also considered as a suspect of crime. The right of investigating legal liability is preserved by the company.

Should you require any clarification pertaining to the above, feel free to contact us.

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